Lotus Esprit will get inhouse V8

24 Nov

Reports are out there in media that Lotus Esprit will get inhouse power. Lotus working to get the project launch on time, late-2013, needs several hard workouts.

According to news published in autoblog.it, it is confirmed that Lotus is developing its own 4.8-liter V8. Lotus is developing this engine for mid-engined Esprit and front-engine Elite and Eterne. Hence, we can easily expect carmaker needs to take special care when designing the engine, as location in car is concerned.

There are no words on the output yet, but it is said that Esprit V8 will produce anything more than 550 hp with naturally aspirated version, and with a higher-tuned version, it is expected to produce 620 hp. There were reports on this earlier this year as well, and they said of similar figures, like an “Esprit R” version boosting power to 450kW.

There is a bit information on the chassis is also available. It is said that the chassis will be module allowing engineers to fit front, middle and rear sections as needed without making any complex changes. Components holding Elite and Eterne will be the same.

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Date posted: November 24, 2011