Guide: Add Years to Your Vehicle When You Use a Car Cover

28 Mar

Whether your ride is hot off the factory floor or well-loved member of the family, keeping it looking cherry is an absolute must. Protecting your car, truck or SUV’s appearance keeps your ride looking stylish, protects resale value and adds years on the road. Luckily shielding your ride from the onslaught of age is easy. The two-pronged defense of seat covers and a car cover will leave your paint pristine and interior looking like it just rolled off the lot.


Car covers are available in a vast array of styles, cuts and fabrics tailored to your needs and budget. If you’re looking to pamper your garage-stored weekend ride, an indoor car cover is right up your alley. Custom-cut for your specific vehicle, indoor car covers prevent dust from settling on your paint or the accidental bump for denting your side panel. Plus, most boast an elastic seal that cinches down on the bottom of your car, truck or SUV to prevent crawling critters from entering your interior. On the other side of the protection spectrum are outdoor car covers. These beasts are engineered to defend your ride’s exterior from the worst that Mother Nature can dish out. Crafted from tough, waterproof materials, an outdoor car cover protects your paint from rain, hail, pinecones and everything in between. Plus, many are breathable so your ride isn’t covered in condensation after the storm settles.

The next step in your custom protection package is hooking up your interior with a set of seat covers. Seat covers are designed to complement your unique style. If you’re looking for a luxurious addition to your ride, go for a set of custom-crafted leather seat covers. Fitted to match every line and curve of your ride from quality leather or faux-leather, these covers add some chic to your seats. Do you use your ride for tackling outdoor adventures instead of transporting executives? No problem. A set of Neoprene Seat Covers fits the part perfectly. Available in an assortment of patterns from the official logo of your favorite University to Hawaiian print, there’s a neoprene seat cover matched to your distinct look.

And, they offer lights-out protection from spilled soda, grating sand and anything else your active lifestyle trucks in. In between, there are tons of different types of covers from the warming comfort of a set of sheepskin covers to the stealthy style of camo seat covers. No matter what, there’s a set designed just for you.


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Date posted: March 28, 2012