Parking Garage To Be Sold In New York (For A Million Dollars)

25 May

What is the maximum money you can ridiculously think for a small parking garage? Chances are least one million hits your mind. But this is damn true. The exact dimension of this parking garage is 12x23x15 (in feets, widthxlengthxheight).

In the Manhattan, where traffic makes sense in walking than driving (if feasible), a parking garage holds value. No wonder, parking space is also in big demand and that’s whey they are asking one million for such a space. This garage is located in Greenwich Village, on the west of Lower Manhattan in New York City.

However, seller believes they are not asking too much and no wonder if they get even higher offers. Dolly Lenz, Vice-Chairman at Prudential Douglas Elliman, firm who is selling this garage, told ABC News that there can be two car fitted in this garage, one upped by one. “This is actually undervalued.“Normally, when you buy a garage, you are literally buying between two lines in a designated spot,” Lenz says. “We’re not talking about really big numbers here, at $1 million,” she said. “It will be more about getting it. I think people will bid above what the asking [price] is.”

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Date posted: May 25, 2012