Ford Drivers Most Polite on the Road

21 Jun

Owners of Ford vehicles are the most polite on the road according to a new study by The price comparison company questioned over 2,000 motorists with different types of vehicles in order to determine if there is a general trend when it comes to the etiquette of motorists who particular makes of vehicles.

Although Ford drivers didn’t particularly stand out on any metric; they were consistently high on the rankings for all the set questions. For instance, 93% of the Ford driver’s questions claimed that they regularly let other motorists out of junctions and 85% claimed that they always ensure that they leave enough room when passing cyclists.

Conversely, 50% of white van drivers claimed that they never let people out of junctions and 75% stated that they purposefully never leave enough room for cyclists.

Indeed, white van drivers adhered to their well-established stereotype, turning out to be the most impolite on the road based on their responses to the questions set; appearing to be the most inconsiderate of their fellow motorists, cyclists and also pedestrians.

Unsurprisingly, Jaguar drivers also featured prominently on the most impolite drivers list; with 75% of the Jaguar owners surveyed claiming that they regularly suffer from road rage.

MoneySupermarket has presented this information in the following infographic which also highlight trends found amongst British motorists in general:

Image source: MoneySupermarket Car Insurance

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Date posted: June 21, 2012