Thirteen tips to save on motorcycle insurance

12 Dec

There are several crucial factors that affect insurance cost for your motorcycle. Some of the well known factors are age of bike, engine size etc. But there are few other steps that you can take to avoid paying extra for the bike insurance. These steps, include :

1) There are several advisories and suggestion columns out there in local newspapers etc. Keep an eye on them and get advise about best possible offer your local area.

2) Your age is also a factor in deciding insurance price. But your past riding experience in more important. May be you want to skip this advice as this may lead you to wait for next few decades to get older and get a cheap insurance.

3) Some times, best price is not everything. If you or your family members/friends have any bad/good experience with any insurance company, keep that in account as well while buying.

4) Keep your motive not just to find lowest price, but the best deal. Because, in the end you are getting an Insurance.


5) Find if any insurer is providing any discount for bulk purchase. Chances are high that if you offer something to company, company will in turn offer a good deal to you. Depending on need, you can ask for insurance of car, other vehicle and home etc. along with motorcycle. That way, you get a good price for everything.

6) If you ride motorcycle for fun, joining a club can add more to your fun. And to add, many companies offer discounts to members of clubs. Few popular clubs in USA are BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and Harley Owners Group etc.

7) Tell company how fantastic you can take care of your motorcycle, like your clean driving record, you have assets, or you have a safe place to keep your bike etc. Your past record can help you on this.

8 ) Try a price comparison website. There are few comparison websites around that can help you find best possible insurance.

9) Even better, if you contact them through phone and explain the condition in detail. May be person can help you find the right way.

10) Don’t get into trap of fancy marketing/promotions. Keep eyes open and compare with all available options. That means you have to do a small research among insurance providers to find the best price.

11) If your zip code records more number crimes/accidents, then your insurance rate will be higher than areas with less crime and accidents.

12) Get some certifications that you ride your motorcycle well.

13) Ride less. But you have to make sure that you don’t cross the limit you told company at the time of getting policy.

There are several other steps that you can take to avoid paying extra for premiums.
*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post and all views expressed are based on own experience. Please take your decision at your own risk.
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Date posted: December 12, 2012