Big Brands or Cheap Unknown: Which Tyres to Buy?

17 Jan

Choosing the right tyre for your car can be a tricky business. There are literally hundreds of brands of tyres, with dozens of variations of similar tyres within those brands! Which ones are the best?

The old saying of “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to as many things in everyday life as it used to, but it still does with car tyres.

For example, paying a little bit extra to get Pirelli tyres instead of Jinyu tyres is a very smart investment.
As of November 2012, there are European regulations stating that tyre labels MUST be provided to the customer throughout the tyre buying process, so people know how the tyre officially performs in three key areas:

  1. Fuel Economy
  2. Wet Grip
  3. Road Noise

The fuel economy and grip on wet roads are rated between A and G (A being the best) with the road noise being rated between 1 and 3 black waves (1 being the best) – very much like a white goods rating label.

A £74 Jinyu YW52 winter tyre has an F-rated fuel economy, an E-rated wet grip performance and 3-rated road noise level.
Compare that to a £78 Pirelli Cinturato P7 from Tyre Savings and you can see the difference. For just £4 extra per tyre you get a slightly better E-rated fuel economy which, admittedly isn’t the greatest, but only a 2-rated road noise level and a fantastic B-rated wet grip performance.

The wet grip performance is the most important of the three elements, because it could end up saving your life. Who wouldn’t pay £4 extra for their lives?

Safety is of paramount importance on the roads, and whether you are on a motorway or narrow country lane, you need to have full confidence in your tyres and that they will keep you glued to the road whatever the weather.

If you are torn between two brands simply because one is a bit cheaper, but you are compromising some level of safety, then it is always a wise decision to dig a little bit deeper and make a long-term investment that will keep you, your family and friends safe.

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Date posted: January 17, 2013