How to Fit a Towbar to your Car

25 Jan

There are numerous advantages to having a towbar fitted on your vehicle. The primary benefit is that you can then tow anything from a utility trailer to caravan;although you should ensure that your car has the capabilities and that you are entitled to tow the vehicle in question. You will also find items like bike racks which are fitted to your car using the towbar. You should ensure it is fitted properly in order to ensure safe towing.


Having a towbar fitted to your vehicle can prove very beneficial. Whether you want to tow a caravan, a trailer, ora boat, you need to have the most appropriate towbar fitted; one that is suited to use on your vehicle model and for the purpose that you require it. There are a surprising number of options available to you when choosing which tow bar to fit to your car and it is important that you make the right choice.

Tow bars are designed for use on a specific vehicle or a range of vehicles, usually from the same manufacturer. If you buy the wrong towbar then the kit that is included will also be incorrect and you may find that you have electrical problems or that the towbar simply won’t fit on the desired vehicle. Both of these can require additional cost to remedy so do make sure you have the right kit to start with.

It is possible to fit a towbar yourself but doing it wrong may prove more expensive than it would cost to get a tow bar fitted professionally. Using a tow bar specialist like Indespension not only means that it will be fitted properly but that you have the best available model chosen and fitted for you.

Once the bar has been fitted you can choose from a selection of items to tow with it and you can also opt for convenient fittings like tow bar mounted bike racks. These are not only useful but they are made so that they quick and simple to use, allowing the quick mounting of your bike.

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Date posted: January 25, 2013