Why My Garage Door Doesn’t Work When It’s Cold

13 Feb

Cold weather brings an array of problems to homeowners; last minute furnace repair to frozen pipes during a cold snap can be costly and time consuming. Garage doors are no exception when it comes to the list of household appliances that suffer preventative measures aren’t taken before the thermometer drops.

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Common Cold Weather Garage Door Issues:
A garage door that closes or opens only partially (or, in some cases, not at all) is a common problem faced by many homeowners during chilly months. Diagnosing the problem, however, may not be as simple; there are several possible causes as to why a garage door might not be working when the temperatures dip below freezing, including:

  • Lack of lubrication on hinges and moving parts, causing frost and ice build up
  • Electrical issues caused by winter damaged wires, sensors and garage door motors
  • Misaligned brackets and runners caused by contraction of metal during cold snaps
  • General lack of use causing moving parts or the door itself to freeze over a period of time

Getting It Fixed Before Winter Hits:

The best way to avoid these problems is prevention. Make sure the garage door and all parts are in good working order before the cold weather arrives. There are several maintenance checks a homeowner can do to avoid repairs during the middle of winter.

  • Lubricate all moving parts indicated by the owner’s manual prior to any cold weather. This will not only add longevity to the hinges, rollers and joints as a whole, but it will help protect against frost and ice buildup. Be sure to use only the lubricant indicated in the instruction manual.
  • Check all electrical wires and sensors for signs of damage such as cracks, splits or loose connections. Even a small split in wire casing can contract and expand during cold weather and subsequent warmer temperatures, causing serious damage.
  • Even if you are not driving for that particular day, open and close the garage door. This helps ensure there is no ice or snow blockage that can cause hinges and rollers to freeze up.

If there are repairs or maintenance issues that you are unable to perform yourself, calling a professional repair technician can prevent cold weather problems later.

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Date posted: February 13, 2013