What can businesses do to keep their employees safe on the roads?

5 Mar

With ‘corporate responsibility’ being one of the more popular business buzz terms of late, all kinds and sizes of businesses are on the lookout for ways of improving their employee safety performance, and public image. One perfect place to start is supplying their business drivers with the safest cars that budgets allow.

Businesses looking to keep their employees safe have never had it so good, from an automotive point of view, at least. New cars are the safest they’ve ever been, and by some margin, and while new safety tech comes with every major new model release, the cost of safety devices also continues to fall.

Safety tech that was once the reserve of big and expensive new cars is now readily available on mid-level models, and businesses must scour the specification lists and get as much of this new safety tech for their next batch of business cars as possible.

Radar safety System in cars and automotives

Radar safety

Front mounted radar systems are one of the top new safety systems available to fleet business managers. Once at the very top of the new car market, radar-based road safety systems are now into the mid-level of new car pricing, right where many business users find themselves shopping.

Radar systems are a brilliant back up system for tired business drivers. One system is an adaptive cruise control that keeps a safe distance behind the car in front and accelerates and brakes automatically to maintain that distance. If the car in front brakes hard to a stop, the radar system responds. So, if a driver misses that hard-braking car in front of them, it won’t necessarily lead to a costly rear-end.

This system takes the annoyance out of stop/start traffic too, with the car automatically stopping and starting in time with the car in front and keeping the distance set by the driver. All the driver has to do with this system engaged is steer the car to maintain lane discipline.

Camera, action

Another front mounted system, but this time with a more regular camera, is a traffic sign recognition system that reads the speed limit signs and reminds the driver – via dashboard graphics – exactly how fast they should be going. Great for safety and great for keeping drivers’ licences penalty point free.

May the force be with you

Another safety system that’s an absolute must for responsible businesses is electronic brake-force distribution, or EBD. This relatively new system is making its way to most new cars of a certain price and above, but it’s worth checking that it’s under the skin of your next intended business purchase.

As part of the car’s ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD applies the most efficient pressure to each wheel in an emergency situation, to keep the car as stable as possible during very heavy braking. Some EBD systems also sense that the driver is braking with emergency force and automatically apply the full power of the braking system, without the driver having to push with all their might on the brake pedal.

This system means that when your driver has to hit the brakes very hard – something that might only happen a handful of times in our driving lives – that the more clever new cars will do their utmost of stop the car as quickly and safely as possible.

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Date posted: March 5, 2013