Usain Bolt Gets His Nissan Gold GT-R

7 May

This December, Nissan and Usain Bolt created a golden GT-R to help children in Jamaica. This model fetched USD 187,000 that went to Usain Bolt Foundation.

Usain Bolt is brand ambassador of Japanese automaker. Nissan says in a statement that they have built only two such models. One GT-R is already auctioned and second one is here. It is specially designed to meet the driving style of Bolt. When he visited company headquarter, engineers collected data about his driving style and customized GT-R in accordance.

In a sober event, Nissan gifted the car to man who helped it design. The gold-colored GT-R is named officially Gold 2014 GT-R. At the event, among other notable persons, Nissan Latin America and the Caribbean Vice President Jose Roman.

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Date posted: May 7, 2013