On this information super highway, we strive to provide you with all the information and insides of the automobile industry. Usually, we cover the out-of-the-box stories from auto world, be it a business news that affects the direction of industry in a manner, or be it a technological advancement brought to us by smartest engineers. We don’t use hard core words like passionate/mad about car, we just love what we do, that is, Autos. In all out blog posts, you will find a taste of love for autos. Lastly, we do not want to be best automobile blog in world, we just want blogging that readers would love to read, and information that seekers will enjoy. And yeah, we hate covering stories that are found in mainstream media, probably on a thousand pages.

Interestingly, our founder is not a mechanical or automobile engineer, but a software engineer. Though we are a small team (Akshay, Mike, Neha, Paul and Jess Minz), we are happy with that. Exploring news that auto geeks would like to read, and doing small research on the subject we write is all we do here.
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