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10 Ways to Shave Up to $1,000 Off Your Car Insurance Bill

28 Jan

Ever wondered how much you’re actually spending on car insurance? If you’re like most Americans, you probably purchase collision and comprehensive coverage on top of liability insurance. This can add up to $1,503 a year, which can be higher or lower depending on what state you live in. Either way, it’s still a pretty high […]

The Biggest Automotive Flops of 2013

2 Jan

The Biggest Automotive Flops of 2013

You’d think that after over 100 years of producing automobiles, car manufacturers would have a fair idea of what it is exactly that motorists are looking for from their vehicles, and yet year after year some of the world’s most renowned companies continue to churn out cars that are poorly designed and rubbish to drive. […]

Battle of the Supercars- LaFerrari vs. McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder

26 Nov

The battle lines have been well and truly drawn. The new offering from Ferrari, the LaFerrari, McLaren’s stunning P1 model and the Porsche 918 Spyder are three simply stunning hybrid supercars to hit the market and have created arguably the biggest and most anticipated supercar battle ever seen. Three of the world’s heavyweights releasing new […]

Money Saving Tips for Drivers

12 Sep

Having a car could be considered a vital necessity for most families these days. How else would the parents commute to work, how else would you ferry the children to and from school, friends’ houses, sporting activities and so on? How would you collect the weekly shop? But the spiraling cost of fuel combined with the increasing cost […]

Seven Facts About Hybrid Cars

26 Apr

Seven Facts About Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles are getting more press than ever before, but aside from being fuel efficient and less polluting, most of us don’t know much about the hybrids we drive or see on the road. If you’re interested in hybrids or just need a few fun facts to squirrel away for bar night trivia, read on! […]

How Much Car Can Your Budget Handle?

18 Jan

We’ve all dreamed of tooling around town in a luxury ride, like a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Jaguar. But in reality, they’re often neither practical for our lifestyles, nor are they affordable – that is, unless you want to drive a spectacular car and live in a shared one bedroom apartment with two roommates. Which,let’s […]

5 Cars That First Time Drivers Can Insure on the Cheap

12 Dec

Insurance costs for young people are at an all-time high, with young people aged 17-20 now paying around four times as much for their insurance as drivers in other age groups. This can mean that the annual insurance premium for a young driver (especially a young man) can easily exceed the value of the car […]

What’s new about the 2012 Ford Transit?

10 Jun

It has been a staple of British business since the mid-1960s and has become something of a legend in its lifetime as a true motoring great. But this year, Ford has decided to refresh its Transit range and tempt people to seek out the cheapest van insurance they can get to help pay for one. Unveiled […]

China imposes duties on US imports, but the affect is wide

16 Dec

It’s purely the business (and tussle). The US automobile exporters that includes names like GM, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda etc etc will be now selling their cars in China at a higher price, to accommodate the new duties imposed by Chinese government. In a bid to give answer to the United States’ recent filings […]

Audi recalling 317 2012 A6 to fix faulty airbags

15 Dec

Here is a recall alert. And this time it is the Audi A6 2012 Make. The official statement says that the affected vehicles are made between April 8, 2011 and May 26, 2011. There is a issue with the airbags that are subject to cause a fault. This recall includes 317 A6s in United States. […]

Cadillac ATS to be unveiled a day before Detroit Auto Show

13 Dec

According to recent news published in media, Cadillac is going to unveil its all new ATS on January 8, right night before the Detroit Auto Show press day. The news is right from the Detroit, as The Detroit Free Press writes about this for the very first time in the media sphere. The car is […]

Bridgestone readies airless tire for mass production

10 Dec

Bridgestone has announced very recently about its concept of a non-pneumatic tire. Tiremaker assures that this concept tire is ecofriendly and is safe. But what makes it unique is that it runs without air, it is airless. Though idea is not new(Michelin Tweel) but Bridgestone claims that this tire is all ready for mass production. […]

Auto industry features on Time cover

9 Dec

Auto Sales charts in November rocketed in United States. And this has now been recognized by Time magazine as well.This is a clear scene of improving economies. Auto industry features on the cover story of the issue hitting stands on December, 9.The cover story features story of Chrysler as well, which raised from almost dead […]

George Harrison’s 1965 Aston Martin DB5 sold for 350,000GBP

9 Dec

An Aston Martin DB5 once owned by former Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison went on sale recently for a whopping amount. This Aston Martin was bought by Harrison on 1, January 1965, at Brydor cars of Brooklands in Surrey. It has got a 4.0-liter straight-six said to deliver 282 hp. This one of its type car has a top […]

Fiat North America boss Laura Soave relieved from duty

22 Nov

Sometimes stories don’t go to sides we desire. Same happening with Fiat. In past few months, we have seen Fiat focusing on marketing upto neck,commercials, promos and special editions, though unsatisfactory to buyers. But despite all efforts, 500 is still struggling to capture the market. And now, the next step company has taken is relieving […]