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Seven of the Most Famous Barn Finds Of All Time

30 Jan

Some would say there’s no better feeling than uncovering a timeless motoring masterpiece that’s been sitting collecting dust for decades. It would be even better were you to find such a prize on your own recently-occupied land of course. There are some incredible stories of sensational barn finds throughout recent history, although it’s true that […]

What Occur to Cars When They Grow up Old?

27 Jan

As much as you would have treated your car like your baby; however depending on the two factors of mileage and time, certain parts of the car are bound to undergo wear and tear. Earlier, the lifespan of a vehicle was 100,000 miles. However, with progress in the automobile technology, like better anti­-corrosion coatings and […]

Mercedes-Benz Will Deliver A Driverless Package By 2020

3 Nov

Today there is a race between car manufacturers to create the most efficient and effective autonomous car. Mercedes-Benz already have the technology, but we may have to wait until 2020 before they make their autonomous cars available to the public. These driverless features will be strategically integrated into their lineup rather than made available as […]

What to do after you get into a car accident ?

13 Feb

If (may God don’t do this, but in case), you or someone you know become part of a car accident. Be realistic, this may happen to anybody and things could be better (or could stop turning worse) if one minds few things after the accident. We are here, on behalf of Reeves, Aiken, & Hightower, […]

Team UAE: the Recovery of the UAE Car Market

14 Dec

Due to the harsh economic times the world has faced lately, it’s fair to assume that car markets the world over are having problems. In Europe they’ve fallen. In the US they have too but, thankfully, despite a low growth forecast for 2013, they’ve gradually increased again. The wide range of fuel-efficient vehicles available and […]

2013 BMW X1 Crossover – Hits the US Market this Fall

23 May

Germany based luxury car manufacturer, BMW AG, is poised to launch its 2013 BMW X1 Crossover in the American market this fall. This car was featured in the New York International Auto Show last month. Although X1 Crossover has been available in many countries for quite some time, this is the first time that BMW […]

Japan to continue tax break for fuel-efficient cars for next three years

13 Dec

And if government can’t control the strong currency variance badly affecting automakers, it can atleast provide something as grant. And now Japanese government has announced that it will continue to offer tax breaks for fuel-efficient cars for another three years. And we should not forget that it is not the Japanese companies that are affected by currency […]

Big Recall – 128,616 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan for a wheel defect

10 Dec

Here is a recall news. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a release talking about recall of large number of a Ford and Mercury model. The cars to be recalled are popular Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan. These cars possess a safety defect in 17-inch steel wheels which are potentially at risk of separation. […]

Aptera says destruction videos are eight month old and employees left office professionally

9 Dec

This is a great way to reduce frustration indeed, but can’t be justified. The videos below show such a similar thing. These are the videos populated all over the Internet as Aptera employees showing frustration on closing of the company. Aptera officially claims these videos are eight months old and have nothing to do with […]

Volvo starts producing i-Shift gearbox and 11-liter truck engines in Brazil

9 Dec

Volvo Trucks has come up with a new production news for Brazil. Automaker announced recently that it has begun producing its new i-Shift gearbox and the 11-liter truck engine locally in Brazil. This production has started at factory complex situated in Curitiba. “The I-Shift gearbox has been getting outstanding acceptance in Brazil and in all […]

Hybrids are safer than non-hybrid counterparts – HLDI Study

21 Nov

Now one more criteria to buy – safety – tends towards hybrid cars. According to a research published by Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI),Hybrids are safer than their conventional fueled counterparts. HLDI, affiliate of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found in research that, when crash happens, chances of damage are 25 percent lower for people […]

Osamu Suzuki terminates agreement with VW

19 Nov

We were suspecting this for long, and it happened. Suzuki announces split with the VW. Suzuki top boss finalized termination with a statement. But this is not an end of war of words, as Suzuki has issues with  its shareholding pattern.Let us talk business now. Suzuki CEO, Osamu Suzuki said in a statement to Bloomberg […]

Even More 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Photos from KDM Brochure

15 Nov

After making its first official appearance at Korea Speed Festival 2011 in Yeongam, South Korea, 2013 Hyundai Genesis has got another revealation by automaker. Here comes the first official photos released by company. This Korean domestic market (KDM) brocher reveals various looking aspects of the coupe. There are certainly, few more specifications in the brochure. […]

Priced – 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

15 Nov

It’s Ready. Are You ? All new Toyota Camry Hybrid is now available for sale at Toyota stores in United States. This post is about pricing of the model, so let’s discuss.   Available in two trims, LE and XLE, this model starts at $25,900, which is price of LE. This price tag is $1,150 […]

GM explains police cars – Video

14 Nov

Here is an explanation of what it takes to be a police car. Police cars are subjected to face severe conditions, speed ranges and why not rough and tough cops too. This all makes a police car different from a normal one and in general, they are to be tough. Bullet proof design, super acceleration, […]