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5 Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

18 Sep

Car problems always seem to happen at the worst time and they drain your bank account fast. However, you can save money on car repairs if you’re willing to do some of them yourself. You don’t have to be an expert, either. Take a look at these five car repairs you can do without any […]

Here’s How Future MINI’s may look like

2 Aug

The design of the MINI Vision reaches into the past and combines the underlying features and values of MINI with future-focused aesthetic and technical innovations. The hexagonal radiator grille is inspired by the classic Mini, for example, and the MINI Vision integrates both the bumper and auxiliary lights into the grille.  The traditional and unmistakable […]

Different Ways To Afford Your Dream Car

16 May

Different Ways To Afford Your Dream Car

In this age of austerity, you may think that owning that Porsche you’ve have had your eye on may be a dream that would never come true. With living costs rising exponentially, the thought of buying that car may have been put to rest for now, but it really doesn’t have to be as there […]

BRABUS Package for Mercedes-Benz CLA

7 May

BRABUS Package for Mercedes-Benz CLA

BRABUS has announced tuning package for Mercedes-Benz CLA. The news was very expected seeing the great market response and uniqueness of CLA-Class. BRABUS has done serious changes in CLA.   The Mercedes-Benz CLA’s BRABUS edition gets Monoblock wheels with diameter of 18 or 19 inches, each available in different design. with new wheels of size […]

Are We a Nation of Scrimpers or Just More Fuel Efficient?

9 Apr

It will come as no surprise to most people that since the recession hit in 2007; total sales of petrol have fallen. As struggling Brits cut down on pretty much everything, one of the only areas of the high street to actually see some growth are charity shops. Unfortunately for drivers, there are no Oxfam […]

Excellent growth being witnessed in Indian used car market

9 Apr

The new car market in India is experiencing a slowdown, but this slump has not had any impact on the used car market in the country. Whether you are looking for used cars in Pune or searching for second hand cars in Ludhiana, you will find options galore. In fact, the second-hand car retailers are […]

6 DIY Car Maintenance Tasks that Will Save You Money

3 Apr

It costs a lot of money to take your car to a repair shop because you have to pay for the labor. However, there are several car maintenance tasks you can do at home to save money, even if you don’t know much about cars. Take a look at these six DIY tasks that will […]

4 things to consider before buying a car

27 Mar

No one is considered a professional when it comes to car buying because every buyer is subjected to the marketing strategies employed by car dealerships. Those who are wise and have the right timing when choosing a quality car at an affordable price often have much better success. This reflects the reality in today’s market […]

What can businesses do to keep their employees safe on the roads?

5 Mar

With ‘corporate responsibility’ being one of the more popular business buzz terms of late, all kinds and sizes of businesses are on the lookout for ways of improving their employee safety performance, and public image. One perfect place to start is supplying their business drivers with the safest cars that budgets allow. Businesses looking to […]

Used Car Market In India Growing Fast

25 Jan

Growing car market of developing economies has constantly attracted attention of industry experts for last decade. As the industry grows, the used car market has also got a big boost. Today, we shall talk a bit about Indian auto industry. After China, this market is most attentive for car makers among new buyer world. With growing young […]

How to Fit a Towbar to your Car

25 Jan

There are numerous advantages to having a towbar fitted on your vehicle. The primary benefit is that you can then tow anything from a utility trailer to caravan;although you should ensure that your car has the capabilities and that you are entitled to tow the vehicle in question. You will also find items like bike […]

How Much Car Can Your Budget Handle?

18 Jan

We’ve all dreamed of tooling around town in a luxury ride, like a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Jaguar. But in reality, they’re often neither practical for our lifestyles, nor are they affordable – that is, unless you want to drive a spectacular car and live in a shared one bedroom apartment with two roommates. Which,let’s […]

Big Brands or Cheap Unknown: Which Tyres to Buy?

17 Jan

Choosing the right tyre for your car can be a tricky business. There are literally hundreds of brands of tyres, with dozens of variations of similar tyres within those brands! Which ones are the best? The old saying of “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to as many things in everyday life as […]

Should You Buy a New or Used BMW?

15 Jan

When purchasing a luxury car like a BMW, cost will certainly factor into your buying decision. There are pros and cons associated with buying a brand-new vehicle and with buying a used one. Weigh the benefits of a new-car purchase against the benefits of a used-car purchase, and you’ll discover which is better for you. […]

Chicago to top downtown parking meter rates in United States

29 Dec

According to a widely popular news in area, Chicago is about to get another title. But for residents, this title is not so pleasing. Chicago car owners will be paying highest in United States for downtown parking. According to a reports, the cost to park at metered spot will be USD6.25/hr, up from USD5.75. These […]